The term self-esteem is usually used to define how we view ourselves.  The dictionary defines it as “pride in oneself.” Our culture stresses the importance of building self-esteem, saying we need to build ourselves up in pride to feel good about who we are.

We attempt to do this by self-improvement methods. However, this often leads to discrepancy between who we are and who we want to be, and our views about ourselves can actually be diminished.

Current trends of extreme makeovers, liposuction, plastic surgery, Botox, and airbrushed supermodels can add to our dissatisfaction.

So tonight, I begin a Ladies’ Bible Study on Self-Worth.  As I began my blog, my whole idea was to get over myself, here comes a Bible study on me again… or us.    You see – you need to be confident and have self-worth, but does that self worth come from our culture or from God.    Do we need to seek compliments or kudos from others?  Do we need to dwell on our self-worth and self-esteem or just become confident that we have God and with him anything is possible.

Love does not come from makeovers, liposuction or Botox, but comes from our internal-beauty.  I use to feel unloved.  I use to beg my X-husband for compliments.   It must have driven him crazy… I know it drove a wedge between us that became un-repairable.    If we build our self worth on what others think or what we believe, they think… we get everything missed up and backwards.

Therefore, self-worth is important, we need to love ourselves enough to let go of our self-absorption.    We need to care for ourselves enough to be able to share the Gospel of Christ.  Self-destructive behaviors need to Stop.

God loves us unconditionally. He loves us even with all of our faults. He loves us with an unending love, and nothing can ever separate us from that love. He loved us enough to die for us. In that great love of God, we can find our true worth.

Read Romans 8 tonight.  God really loves us and with his love we can do anything.  Amen.


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