Leaves can be so beautiful.  They look so beautiful in the trees.  The color varies from Golden to Red and a mixture on almost every tree in my yard.

The trees do not look so beautiful today.  The leaves were almost completed gone.

This means of course it is the time of year, we break out the rakes.  Today – I made a commitment to pick up all the leaves on the sidewalks and side yard.  We did it.

It was hard work for a sedentary person like me, but I found it very worthwhile afterwards.

It was much easier with Brian, my son helping me.  It was rewarding in the end.

Of course next weekend, we’ll probably have more… but that is because they blow out of the neighbors yard into ours.  LOL

It reminds me of the love of God.  He is always there, the seasons come and go with the leaves and trees, but we also go through our seasons.  I believe I have matured with each season and that I share the Gospel with others in creative ways.

May God bring you into his family.  God bless.







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