I won’t number each day of my Medifast Adventure, but I will tell you today was a big hurdle for me. 

My work had a huge Thanksgiving Fest.  I mean a Food Fest.  Over 400 people fed.  I of course had to bring something to share, but luckily for me my husband helped me out.  He made it or at least shredded the cheese, which would have been a major downfall for me.  I love cheese.

I got to work early, put my food in the crock pot and asked some else to take it down.  Then I went down after everyone else had gone through the line and got 2 slices of white meat turkey.  I had spinach and green beans with that and am very very satisfied.  I am actually full.

I did treat myself to a diet soda, but I am drinking lots of water.  This afternoon around 1430 – I mean 2:30 pm for her non-military folks.   I’ll have a shake and call that a real accomplishment.  I am leaving the left overs for a guy in my office to eat on Monday.

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17 NIV

 You know truth is powerful.  I was totally honest with everyone today… and it helped.  Everyone was so supportive and understanding.  God bless them.


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