Holidays Over

Ok – so we finished our New Year’s Day dinner… and the Holiday is officially over.  It was nice, a piece of turkey, spinach and half of a sweet potato.

I am finished with overeating and doing things that are crazy with food.  Today the real program begins… and it will begin over and over.    That means – if you go off program – you get back on program.

2 January isn’t famous for making a resolution… but the thing is – no fooling… you keep going forward.  You keep getting back on the horse.  If you fall – you don’t stay on the ground.  You get up and start riding again.  I can relate to falling off wagon as an alcoholic, but they go back on the program and begin their sobriety over again.

I face the music tomorrow and begin my exercising – although – I really began today!  I’ll ride my bike for 20 minutes or so… then move on to stretching.

Holidays are Over and it is time to face the Music my friends.  God bless you.



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