Bringing People to Christ

What is the best way to bring people to Christ?

Christ really tells us by showing and doing what he did on earth.  We have to focus on God and give everything to him.  He will lead us to people who need to hear God’s word. 

I think as a Christian the best thing I can do is show that I love God by working hard at my job, by giving to others as I would want others to give to me and to follow Jesus’ example on earth.

We will always have the poor among us, so this is always going to be an opportunity to help and give to the poor.  Never question your giving – give because that is what we should do. 

I love God and I invite you to my church or any church.  Church isn’t what it use to be.  Come and be a part of a great movement.  Christ followers are living life for Christ and giving themselves as Christ would do.  Come on the path with me.   I’ll show you the way and read the Bible it is the light on that path that guides us. 

If you live in the Quad Cities – come and check us out in Milan.  Milan Christian Church!

P.S.  I know that the more I read the Bible – I realize how it all comes together and how it tells us about life and how to live it.  Thank you God for giving us such a beautiful package.



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