Women in Christian Church

The history of the Christian church is that women do not serve as ministers, but they can serve as teachers, run ministries and lead worship in song, readings and praise.   To me that is ok.  I believe men are to be the head of our families and our churches.  So I personally do not have a problem with that.  I feel my role is or my mission in the larger sense is to assist other women to find they potential in our church. 

Our mission is in the larger sense common to all Christians—that of uplifting Christ in the church and in the world. But more specifically,

we are called to:

 • elevate women as persons of inestimable worth because they have been created and redeemed

• enable women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal

• build networks among women in the world church to encourage bonds of friendship and mutual support and the creative exchange of ideas and information

• mentor young women, encouraging their involvement, and creating paths for them as they reach for their potential in Christ

 • address the concerns of women in a global context

• bring women’s unique perspectives to the issues facing the world church

 • seek expanding avenues of dynamic Christian service for women

• challenge each woman with her potential to complement the gifts given to other women and men as they work side by side


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