Wandering – Week 3 – Faith Bible Study

I am sitting in church and I begin to thinking about the work week or something else I want to do.  I find my self wandering away from my work at times to think of home life or struggles in my life.  Wandering is common for most humans.  We sometimes consider a new direction we’d rather go.  Do you ever dream of a new life or a new way of living?

When we have our mind wander, it usually leads our heart there too.  We must be trusting and depend on the Lord.  Heather Bixler, the author of our Bible Study says “delight in Him.”    We will struggle and have our ups and downs.   My husband reblogged an article he had written a few years back… “Are we headed in the right direction?

It isn’t a very long blog, he includes pictures, but the theme is that our relationship with God is much like a train.

The train metaphor is a lot like our life as a Christian.  We must always be growing in our faith so that we can walk through our life with Jesus Christ.  He leads us toward the goal of heaven and eternal life, and just like a train, we must keep on moving toward our destination.  Sometimes people become distracted and their faith falters; sometimes we seem to be off track.

A train shows us how to keep plugging along, and so we must…  You know, when you think about it, we can keep plugging along our way through life with Christ, Through our commitment to God’s plan and will for our life we will begin to see the beauty in His blessings.

Oh, how important it is to spend time every day with our Lord and in His Word! It is so easy to drift off into confusion and not realize how far off track we’ve roamed when we try to navigate on our own.   When doubt creeps into our lives we need to be ready to cling to God’s truth.

Application questions:

1.  Are you committed to God’s will for your life?

2.  Do you often have a Plan B in case something doesn’t go the way you hoped it would?

3.  Do you struggle with doubt when things seem to be going wrong?

4.  Do you feel abandoned by God when things don’t go according to plan?

These questions definitely make you think and you might even ask?  How do I know God’s will for my life – well the more time you spend in scriptures and fellowship with other Christians you will be able to discern some things better, but patience and faith work best if you are spending time with the one that guides us.   Do I stay on the right track or do I wandering – do I derail at every turning point – No I stay on the train and get back to the right track and keep chugging along.   Here is a thought – every time you hear a train whistle this week – spend a minute in prayer or read a bible verse.

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.  Psalm 37:5



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