Jump in to Fast

I don’t want to jump in to fast for exciting news.  When I went to the nutritionist a few weeks back.  Now the first five days she changed things up a bit and I have to tell you it was not hard to follow.  I felt I ate plenty of food.

One of the big things was eating later in the morning and dinner a little bit later at night, with dessert even later.  Now the second visit we adjusted the dinner and snack so I eat two hours before I go to sleep.   But the eating at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm for my first to meals has really paid off.  I am having good Carbs and good protein at each meal.  I am not starving and I am not over eating.  I am hearing my stomach rumble for probably the first time in years.

So today the grand total of lost in 2 weeks is 8 lbs.   I know that will not be the norm, but I appreciate the kick start.  I go back to her in two weeks before my vacation.  Now that could be a game changer, but I have to be strong and committed.

Now I have to confess I am giving this up to God and I am even sharing with him my struggles.  That is a really new things for me.  Now he may already know my struggles, but if we do not take them to the Lord, we may never see them disappear.  I am glad for this victory and education.  Sharing everything that I struggle with to the Lord.

My office team says I don’t get excited about much, but I am excited about 8 lbs. and my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to jump in to fast, but this is exciting stuff!



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