For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. Chapter 3 – “gods at war”

God has more passion for us than we will ever understand.  He never forgets his promises to us.

So are we holding up are end of the bargain.    God has given us the choice to choose him or “a god” in our daily lives.  Think about God’s jealous love for us.  It might help us to keep him in perspective.

Throughout scriptures God refers to idolatry as adultery.  Why do you think that God used something as raw as adultery to describe our unfaithfulness?

I think God wants all of us and we would be best to remember that.  We must  focus on Christ first, then we can handle all the things we struggle with so much better.

Kyle says the baby boomer are a generation known for their lack of commitment.  I think many of us run from this thing of interest to another.   Our generation has spent more money on Health Clubs/Weight Loss/Beauty then any other generation.     We are also one of the most unhealthy generation.   So maybe we do lack commitment.   Do you start something only to find you cannot keep up the commitment to stay the course.

One reason I started the book club at church was to keep people focusing on something outside themselves.  When we stop attending Bible Study or small groups we start isolating ourselves from our brothers and sisters in Christ and then closing ourselves off from the God who wants more then anything to love us and take care of us.

I am not a social butterfly – perfect example was at church last night.  My husband and I are both wallflowers.  So we sit back and wait for others to strike up a conversation.  Many times that doesn’t happen.   Then I leave the place feeling alone and rejected.   Is it the place of others to make me feel at home – no it is my choice to feel like a wallflower, and it is my choice to not talk to people.    So we both struggle with this.

God wants all of us and he wants us to be in fellowship – so this week I’ll reach out and try to be more a part of the human race!!!!




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