Entertain Me!!! Chapter 7 – “gods at war”

Wow, do you remember feeling that as a kid, we should be entertained.

I remember as a kid, feeling like I was missing out on life because I didn’t have a great deal of outside activities.  When I went to a great movie, I would instantly feel the let down.

Kids are easily bored, but only because we have taught them to realize they should want more.   When asked how can you be involved in so many activities at church – I say that I have the time to take on one or two more projects.  People look at me like this isn’t real.  I don’t have time for that or this.  The truth is my pleasure comes from my Lord.  I find contentment in spending time with God and also sharing the Gospel with others.

I spend a great deal of time playing games and reading my kindle, but I still have time for reading the word.   Now I like all of us could devote more time to reading the word and listening to God.

Can you imagine if our worship services lasted 4 hours what most Americans would say…. “I would get up and leave”, “we cannot baptize someone in church, it will extend our service”, “he went long again today – 30 minutes is just too much time for a sermon.”

Crazy – Kyle talks about the churches in Haiti and how they go on for hours and hours because people find joy and have nothing to rush home too.   Imagine if we had the same excitement.  Imagine we set our alarms to get up extra early to be at church first.  Or imagine that we had to have crowd control because the parking lot was filling up so fast.   If we were busting at the seams and needed to add services just to have enough room for people.  Think if everyone wanted to start new ministries and be involved in church.  Growth and atmosphere of church would be so much different.   Some churches have tried to be entertaining, great bands, music that knocks your socks off, drama groups that grip your heart, and great youth programs.   Would we get as exited about listening to a teacher teach Hebrews on Sunday morning in a small non-instrumental church?   Probably not because we have made our entertainment tolerance high.  Our expectations have become unrealistic.

Let’s get excited about worship today.  God is there with us and he wants to know our hearts.  Praise Him – Praise Him.  Hosanna in the Highest.


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