Romance – gods at war

At one time in my life – I wanted the Knight on the White horse to sweep me away and make my life perfect.  When I was first married the first time – Princess Diana was just married too and it looked like a fairy tale story.  Nothing really perfect about it!  Her relationship ended sadly much like mine.  We grew apart and he wasn’t my knight on the white horse anymore.

Boy was I immature even after 19 years of marriage.  I am not proud of being divorced, but it was not a good relationship – we were poison for each other.

Now 14 years of marriage to Don hasn’t always been easy, but I was real about it and I also believe God was a big part of our life together.  Trials and disappointment hasn’t made me stop loving him – it has strengthened my love for him.   It is because my relationship is real, but it is also because God is first in my heart.  Without God – Don would be my savior and he doesn’t always live up to that – nor should he.

God is the only one who can provide for me everything I need.  He doesn’t disappoint me or leave me hanging.   It is liberating to know that only Jesus can be my savior and provide strength in times of trouble.  We are not made to be perfect in a human relationship, but only in relationship with God – we were made for him.   Because of that perfect relationship – the human marriage relationship can be so much better.  Praise God for his ultimate plan for us.



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