God bless me in the Work I Do – Chapter 11 – Stormie’s Book – Power of a Praying Women

I can tell you many times – I ask God for many things, but I fail to pray for my work.

I mean all my works.   I work at many things throughout my week and asking God to bless these things is far from my reach at times.   I can tell you that I consider all the work I do to be God’s work.   My job that helps to pay the bills along with all my volunteer jobs I do serve God first.   No matter what we do, God wants us to reflect that our work is serving him first and so why not ask him to bless it.

I recently found out I was accepted for a position back in Rock Island, IL.  This is wonderful news because I can move back into my home.   We have had to pay rent here in DC and mortgage back there in Rock Island.   So it has been financially challenging.

Don and I are excited about moving back and to our home church.  I will take with me the lessons learned here at Springfield and the love of many of the people I have developed relationships with.  God is great and he is sending me back with tools and weapons to use.   I also will take the radio ministry with me.

So here is my prayer today.  God thank you for showing me the things that are important.  Thank you for building relationships and revealing the importance of them.   Whatever you call me to do, both now and in future, I pray You will give me strength and energy to get it done.  Enable me to do what I do successfully.   May I find great fulfillment and satisfaction in every part of even difficult tasks.

Ecclesiastes 3:13

Every persons should east and drink and enjoy the good of their labor, it is the gift of God.


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