Chapter 15 – Lord, Guide Me in All My Relationships

I wrote this post and now find it is missing from my page and from Facebook.

So here is my attempt to rewrite it, but believe God may have a different plan for me.

God is most important in our lives and no matter how good or now bad our biological families way be, God is our Father.  We are God’s kids and if w believe in Jesus, we are his brothers and sisters.

We are called to be in fellowship together with believers to serve God’s promise.   We can never reach our full destiny without being in relationship with believers of God.

It is so important to be yoked with people who walk closely with God, it helps to keep us on the right path and strong in our faith.  We all have faults and it is good for others to help us see them, when we are blinded to these things or being deceived by evil.

This isn’t to say we will never have problems in our Church bodies.  We are people and people will always be messy.  All relationship  need things to be better, but getting past our problems we will be enriched by our relationships within the Church family.


P.S.  This isn’t what I said the first time… but It must be the message God wants me to give.

Praise Him.


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