No fixing Them

You cannot fix yourAdult children.

Having dealt with many problems having children especially adult children. They come back to live with you or they have done something reckless or done something illegal and even have to pay the consequences for their actions. We as parents we cannot fix these things but we still care.  It is tough. You want to believe that you prepared your children to be adults to be able to stand on their own 2 feet and to pay their own bills and to be able to be productive adults. Sometimes that works out perfectly other times we have to bring them in and bring them back even into our own homes because of some mistakes they have made.
All of my adult children right now live in their own homes they all are paying there own bills most of the time, but then there is a few times they asked for money because they made a mistake or paid something or bought something they didn’t need.
My husband sometimes says that children are overrated!!! They can bring you great joy they can bring you a sense of satisfaction. You can be proud of our children’s accomplishments. Children can also bring you depression and sadness. They can make you feel guilty make you think that you failed as a parent. You sometimes think where did I go wrong, maybe I should’ve put them in private school or maybe I should’ve sent them away to a boarding school until they were 18.
But you cannot fix your children they have to stand on their own 2 feet, they have to make their mistakes just like you made your mistakes.

You can guide them and you can give them good advice if they ask you for it. But you cannot shove them back into the Nest and teach them how to fly all over again.
We need to ask the Lord for clarity and discernment to know when to just pray and let Him work in their lives without any other help from us. Only God knows the right thing to do. And only when you have released your adult child completely into God’s hands and put the Lord in charge of his/her life can you ever have true peace.
We all need to understand that we can’t “fix” or “change” our adult children. Only God can make changes that last in anyone. Our job is to release our adult children into God’s hands and then pray for the Lord to make changes in them and their lives according to His will.


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