Chapter 5 – Pray that Your Adult Children Will Understand God’s Purpose for Their Lives

I think that many adults have a problem with knowing their purpose.  I think once we figure out our purpose, life is a smoother road with only minor bumps.

I know that I realized my purpose and my spiritual gifts were – I realized what I needed to do to serve my Lord.  I have spiritual gift of service, leadership and teaching.   That is why I serve in churches with many jobs, because I see a need and I do it.  I also am a leader of women and I believe some young men in my congregation.  I teach by doing my blog and reviewing Christian books and radio program.   So once you know your purpose you will see clearly how to serve God.

Many of us have more spare time then we realize especially if we watch less television, spend less time on computers or engage in too much entertainment.  We need to spend time in God’s word because that is where all the answers come from.  Think about it… when God’s voice is drowned out, what can we hear and how can he guide us.  IF we are distracted we’ll be going down.

We may not have all the details but God will prepare us and show us and lead us.  We have to encourage our Adult Children’s talents and lead them without destroying their sense of purpose and sense who they are.    Adult children who have no sense of purpose can become suicidal, take drugs, drink habitually, commit crimes or go on a murderous rampage.

These are examples of extreme cases, but if your adult child doesn’t have a sense of purpose, then trust God to give that to him/her.  If it doesn’t happen right away, don’t stop praying.  Don’t beat up on your adult children who are struggling to find their place in the world.  Don’t berate them verbally.  Just start praying, strongly encourage and get him/her to talk about their dreams, hopes and ideas.  Tell them of the good traits you see and gifts God has bestowed upon them.  Ask God to reveal what you need to see about your unmotivated adult children – then try to steer them away from distractions.

Prayer Power – do it then read the scriptures:
Psalm 20:4
Romans 8:28
Ephesians 1:16-18
Romans 11:29
Ecclesiastes 3:1


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