Chapter 6 – Part 1 – Pray That Your Adult Children Will Work Successfully and Have Financial Stability

It is important for our Adult Children to have direction regarding their life’s work.  It could be said, that many of us have moved aimlessly through life looking for our life’s work.  I know I have had many jobs, but all through the government. I am not talking about changing jobs for career moves – we are talking about our Children finding career and praying to God for his guidance.

“God wants us all to enjoy our work and not labor in vain.  And that’s what we all want as well.  That is why we should pray. “Lord, You have said that Your desire for those who love You and live Your ways is that we will long enjoy the work of our hands and that we should not labor in vain.”

We have a generation of young folks that do not know what it is to work hard -pray that they will be diligent in their work and work hard.  We know everyone thoughts are different and for us that have worked hard all our lives know we find satisfaction in working hard.  It could be that our adult children have been given too much and they think “why work – I’ll get it for free.

5 Things the Bible says people who are diligent and work hard:

  1.  Those who work hard will always have enough
  2.  Those who work had will possess a great inner treasure – Read Proverbs 12:27
  3.  Those who work hard will enrich their souls – Proverbs 13:4
  4.  Those who work hard will become leaders – Proverbs 12:24
  5.  Those who work hard will always be increasing – Proverbs 13:11

These five reasons along should give us inspiration to pray for our adult children to work hard and be diligent.

This is a big chapter to digest in one session.  Check out part 2.



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