Chapter 8 – Pray that Your Adult Children Will Resist Evil Influences and Destructive Behavior

If our minds are computers, then like computers we can download viruses that can damage our lives and definitely our thought patterns.

We are not righteous, we inherit that from God, because we believe, Hi righteousness combats evil influences.  This righteous of God doesn’t just happen without prayer.  Pray that we and are Adult Children receive all God has for us. As Stormie puts it “We are not praying to earn something we are praying to receive something.”   If you look to prayer as only a way you talk to God.  We have to pray to him each day and believe him.  If we are not praying the enemy will attack.

Thank goodness Jesus didn’t say to his Disciples – I did my best to teach you, good luck you are on your own.   He still prayed to keep them from the evil one.  We as parents must do no less.  We must pray “Lord protect my children from the evil one.”

Please review the seven ways to pray for our adult child to resist evil influences.   This is the most important prayer you can pray.

Read these scripture verses:   2 Corinthians 4:3-4, Isaiah 30:21, Proverbs 2:10-12, Jeremiah 36:3, Ephesians 6:12, Psalm 6:6-9 and Psalm 107:20-22.

We must be steadfast in our prayers and don’t hesitate to call for others to pray with you.  Join with others, this is he most powerful thing you can do next to fasting and prayer.  Join together. Stormie puts it – There’s a biblical principle that the multiplying of partnership in prayers multiples the dimension of impact.   Leviticus 26:8.

Remember there is nothing wrong with telling our Adult Children when they are off the path of God.  That it isn’t acceptable in God’s eyes.  Before you confront adult child please pray to God for wisdom and to open they heart and open their eyes to the truth.  Amen.  You do have greater authority in your children’s lives if you submit yourself to Father God’s authority too.  Bathe our self in prayer before you confront them.

These chapters are packed with lots of good prayers and thoughts.  Read the Prayer Power and continue to pray to God for wisdom in dealing with your Adult Children.



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