Conclusion of Habit – Chapter 1 – Love

So how do we get filled up with God and Love as we should?

In order for us to be led by the Spirit, we must obey Him.  We have to walk in faith according to Him.  We do this through the Holy Spirit that leads us.  So what is leading you today?   If you are living my the flesh that is contrary to Christ.

Read Romans 8:5-7

To set our minds on things above.  This Relationship with God has to be our first priority.  It has to be good before any other relationship with has can even work.

Read Col. 3:1-3

Raise our eyes to Christ – focus on Him and His purpose.

Never stop praying – Thess. 5:17-18 “Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Not worry – your prayers do not need to be formal prayers – it is a communication between you and God.   Listen to God as you pray, and be faithful to obey Him.  Let Him comfort you and refresh you.

If you are having trouble listening – then it could be your likely letting things get in the way.

Adam put it this way “If you focus on what tempts you, or even pay slight attention to it, you will fail.  You have to ignore God in order to fail.  But if you ignore the sin and focus on the Lord, He will fill you and overcome the tempting situation for you.”

Once we are being filled with God’s love we can how take that love and apply it on others.  We have to grow beyond our borders and share His adult-like, selfless love to all around us.

Open your eyes today and perceive the needs of others and fill it!!!


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