Outline of Forgiveness Study

  1. Outline of Forgiveness Study


    Week 1   

    God’s Love for Us

    1. God loved us first.
    2. God loved us in spite of everything.
    3. God showed His love for us.


    Week 2 

    The Greatest Commandment and Our Response to it

    1. We love God because He first loved us.
    2. The second greatest commandment
    3. God loved us – We love God – God loves others – So do we.


    Week 3  

    God Forgave Us so We Forgive Others

    1. The commandments of Jesus
    2. Jesus teaches us to be like Him and forgive others.
    3. To refuse to forgive others is to reject God’s grace.



    Week 4   

    Can We Love Others and not Forgive Them?

    1. Putting others first.
    2. The role of pride and self.
    3. The “Golden Rule”


    Week 5   

    Common Misconceptions about Forgiveness

    1. I must be able to forget.
    2. They can’t be allowed to “get away with it!”
    3. The role of feelings and emotions.


    Week 6   

    The Beatitudes



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