rippling pebble

The rest of the rippling affect of how we sow in our lives. 
Recently I read “power of praying for your adult children” by Stormie Omartian and how Adam Houge says “Love is the core of family. When the core of a person’s family is shattered, it leaves the individual members dry, in need of love, and searching for meaning. It is a true statement that if the core of a family is broken, it can lead a person to live a shattered life.”
I think so many times what could have I done differently to help my children and my step children through the process of our families breaking up and coming together as a blended family.  How so much of they lives suffered because from the breakup.

“Then a person can go on to hurt and influence others to have negative processes of thought; beginning with those they’re closest to, then moving continuously outward like a pebble in a pond. Through their broken opinions and outlook on life, they perpetuate the cycle of negativity by influencing others to have the same.”
No matter what happens to us this statement that Adam makes is so true “A fundamental truth is that “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you take it.”
We can choose to be broken And continue the cycle or we can be self aware of this and try to change are thought process and in turn influence our children.
Walking in the spirit is everything – Going to church and Bible study isn’t living for Him. It’s what we preach to an unbeliever, but somewhere some Christians forget this and make their relationship with God to be about church and their Bible.
We should enjoy the blessings and gifts of God in this life, but to disregard the need for a mindset on the next is foolish.

We have to focus on Christ.  

So take the time to confess your weaknesses and practice humility. Then you’ll find true strength. Be honest with yourself, and always look for the puffing of pride. Be self-aware to any pride that may rise up in your heart and resist it.

Stop trying to change the world around you. Change yourself, and it will change the way you respond to life.
Change yourself through submitting to God.  
The Holy Spirit shows us how to accurately apply the Scriptures in our daily walk. He therefore gives us the wisdom to walk in the knowledge of His word. Submit to Him and learn His voice.
We were created for a relationship with God, and we need to keep it personal. By remaining self-aware, it can help you discern whether you’re keeping it intimate and meditating on Him as you should.
It will help you determine if you’re listening to and obeying His voice.


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