Do I have to Forget – on forgiveness

I Must be able to Forget
this is a common misconception about forgiveness.

How can I forgive someone when I can’t
forget what they did? We’ve seen quite a few verses on this notion of forgiveness in the first four
weeks of this study. Can you recall a single one that said anything about forgetting what
happened? The human mind just doesn’t work that way, and let’s be honest about something
here: If you actually have forgotten about an event, you haven’t forgiven the person, you forgot
the whole thing. Most likely if someone reminded you, you’d be back to not forgiving. There are
some things that are unwise to forget, especially those that involve abusive behavior. There is a big difference between forgiving and putting yourself or your loved ones in harm’s way. Forgiving
means that you are no longer going to hold something against a person, and that you are not
going to let yourself hold on to rage, anger and resentment, nor will you seek to impose
punishment on the person. It does not mean that you will let them repeat the instance again.
After you forgive a person, the memory will still come back to you, but when it does, you will
remind yourself that the incident is over, that you have forgiven the person and that you will let
God deal with them as He sees fit, and in time, the wound will heal and the recollections will be
less and less of an issue for you.


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