For work this week I am off to learn a bit about ammo at Crane.  This is all about my training on Munitions that Joint Munitions produces.  So what a way to start the last week of forgiveness series.

The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:3-12

I have no doubt that you are familiar with this text; it is one of the most often quoted in Scripture.

No doubt you’ve studied it in studies, classes and sermons many times, but have you ever
consider who is the one who is not blessed? In this final lesson on forgiveness, let’s take a look at this “other side” of the Beatitudes and see where forgiveness is and where unforgiveness is. After
that, let’s examine a question about forgiveness: Could God expect us to forgive because it is
better for us and our own well-being than not forgiving would be?

Before we jump in, let’s all be on the same about the term “blessed”. The Greek word rendered “blessed” in the English is makareos which means “happy.” So, where the text says “Blessed are…” it means “Happy are…” in common English.

We will get in full force tomorrow.


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