Holding your Tongue

I have held my tongue most of my life, but I do occasionally mess up and say bad words. I even have been known to say the “F-word.” Am I proud of this fact… no, but only human comes to mind.

I do really work on my language skills and my husband sometimes laugh at the way I say certain words… because of my mid-western accent.

I always told my children you will get farther in life with politeness then anything else. I guess it has paid off for them. One a successful Minister and the other a successful Junior High School teacher.

God wants us to reflect his image – not our own or even worse the world’s image. So if we work hard at not using bad language and use language that builds people up instead of tearing them down – we will project a better image of our faith in Jesus Christ.

God bless you my friends – hope you all have a Happy Holiday – I’ll be tomorrow with the last Habit – Living a Good Godly Life.


2 thoughts on “Holding your Tongue

    • Susan – it is so true. On Sunday night on my radio show I will be speaking about living a Godly life and this building up of people is really important and to project a better image of our faith, but also to imitate Christ in all we do.

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