Living the Good and Godly Life!!!

Living the Good and Godly Life!!!

This next week we will examine the ways of living a Godly life.

K-Love put out these tips… and I think they fit with our program on Living the Godly life..

1. Read the Bible Daily – spend time in God’s word. Ask God to give you the wisdom and understanding we recently talked about it my blog.
2. Pray with God Daily – does not need to be official – down on your knees prayer, but talk with him often throughout the day. Ask God to help show you how to live your life.

3. Depend on God and the Holy Spirit. Remember the Holy Spirit dwells with you. The Spirit will teach you, guide you and strengthen you in times of need.

4. Attend church regularly. Church family is important. Christian life is not singular it is growing in fellowship with other Christians.

5. Be of Service to Others – Serve and give your life to others. Mark 8:35
The more you give yourself in service to others, the more you will enjoy your Christian life.

The Bible says that you are a “new creation” (2 Corn. 5:17) when you decide to follow Christ. Your old “self” is gone and the new is here!!!


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