Sunday a Day for Worship

Today – I could just pull the covers over my head – it is really cold and a bit of snow is on the ground.  I could choose not to attend church, but I am actually wanting to look  for church family members and hug them.   I also want to go and pray for my sister, who is undergoing chemo once again for cancer that has spread to her bones.   You see I could just cover my head and not worry about anyone but me, but truth is our relationship with God is really about serving others and worship Him.

1. You are Not Supposed to ‘Get Anything Out of the Service’

Worship is not about you and me. Not about “getting our needs met.” Not about a performance from the pastor and singer and choir and musicians. Not in the least.

2. Worship is About the Lord

“Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name.” That Psalm 29:2  verse atop our article today is found also in 1 Chronicles 16:29 and Psalm 96:8.   It deserves being looked at closely.

We are in church to give. Not to get.

Now, if I am going somewhere to “get,” but find out on arriving, I am expected to “give,” I am one frustrated person. And that is what is happening in the typical church service. People walk out the door frustrated because they didn’t “get.” The reason they didn’t is that they were not there to “get,” but to “give.”

Someone should have told them.  Something to think about this Sunday before we choose to go back to bed, or get up to attend church to see what we’ll get out of it.




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