I Am Not a Doctor

Do not give medical advice. Leave this to the doctors.   We may think we know and having several relatives that have died from cancer, I might feel like an expert, but each patient is unique.

We know people who say nutrition is important, but maybe this patient will only eat Sherbet.   My mom was to the point that her Blood sugar readings were above 300, but that is all she would eat. Doctors were happy she was eating anything.   Let the Doctors be the doctors and we’ll be there to care in the way that is important for the patient.

I will minister to the patient with my faith and knowledge of Christ Jesus, but I cannot administer to them medical treatment based on my own knowledge. If it is ok, I can massage their feet or head or hands, but only if the doctors say it is ok. I do not want to hurt them or do anything to make them worse.


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