Hope always! Hope

Always hold out hope. There is always something to be thankful for, and cause for meaningful spiritual hope in spite of how dark the situation may seem. Be realistic in how you hold out hope to an ill person.

Sometimes are hope is for good days, more of them then bad.   We want the person to be comfortable and have time to enjoy things.

My sister Judy, loved gambling so her daughters took her out for that.  We took her out to eat, mostly for the company – but we didn’t want to let any moment go by without sharing some of her time especially when she had a great day.  I was really blessed by Judy.  She allowed me to stay with her for 8 weeks while my family transitioned back to the Midwest.  I never had lived with her, because she had two daughters older then me – so I got to know her pretty well.  God really provided me that blessing and I’ll never forget it.   She also knew Christ and was glad to share her faith with me and Don.  Don was asked to do her funeral in the end.   She shared with me many things and I am grateful for her life.

My hope is that you will enjoy the important things and forget the trivial.  Love them and hold them and kiss they cheeks.  Provide hope for eternal life in believing in Christ Jesus.  This life of pain and sorrow will end, but we have hope in Christ.  Our Pastor always says – this is the worse it will ever get.   Praise God.  He loves us and wants us all to be with him in heaven.





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