Everything has a Season


You know on Tuesday night we came home from church meeting and Taz was doing the happy dance.  He even asked me to take him out again that evening after I was in bed.  All seemed fine.  The next morning he couldn’t walk.  After 3 visits to the vet we were told without a major surgery he would most like never walk again.  The major surgery was only done in Iowa State University and it was very risky.  So that is our of our reach.  So Wednesday night I sat up with him all night and realized the best thing we could do is have him put to sleep.

Don and I couldn’t stay and watch it was too much.  I was just scheduling him for the groomer on Friday when now I am paying for cremation instead.   The funny thing is we only had him barely over two months.  He came to us the day after Thanksgiving.  I was so happy to have found a small breed.   Little did I know or the person I got him from knew he had a birth defect.   Taz’s original owner died last year and they were looking for a permanent home.  I thought we were very lucky.  We were – he was the sweetest little guy.  He loved to be held and sit on our laps.  He was a little crazy, but I think that his name was very appropriate.

God said that it rains on the righteous as well as the unrighteous and it is true.  We will find suffering and pain here on earth.  We as Christians have salavati0n and a promise of eternal life, where we will no longer suffer.  Praise God.

I do not know if dogs go to heaven, but if they do – I know Taz was met by his former owner.   He loved him very much and even after a short stay with us, I loved him very much too.

Today my prayer is for peace and relief of sadness.  I ask God to allow me to grieve just a short time and that I can know we did the right thing for Taz.   Suffering is a fundamental part of the Christian faith – 2 Timothy 3:12. And your Godly response to it grows through encountering God and meditating on His Word.



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