Taking care of our Love Ones

Finishing Up the Study of how to deal with someone seriously and terminally ill love ones and being their caretakers.
This has been a difficult week, but I know it is time to get back on track and finish up the lesson on this topic of taking care of love ones that are terminally ill.
Always hold out hope. There is always something to be thankful for, and cause for meaningful spiritual hope in spite of how dark the situation may seem. Be realistic in how you hold out hope to an ill person.  After losing our young dog this week, I can see how sad it is to lose something that makes your life feel upside down.  I am thankful for the fun moments even though it was such a short time.  With our love ones, we can always believe if it is God’s will they is always hope for recovery.  Ultimately we will all come to the end of this life, but Christians can be so grateful for the promise of eternal life.  – Can I get a Amen!!! 
Provide spiritual support. Relationship with God is vital for a living or dying person. Be open and honest about your faith. Avoid heavy theological discussions and demands. Do share the simplicity of the Gospel and God’s love and presence in loving affirmation and prayer.  God is all about love and we should be too when talking to anyone especially our love ones that are not in relationship with God. 

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