Introduction to our Bible Study – “Torn” by Jud Whilhite

Introduction to our Bible Study – “Torn” by Jud Whilhite

I think right off you will see that this Pastor is just like everyone else, he has his struggles in life too.

Life is full of despair and as he goes through this book he’ll give us his personal testimony on struggles with his Mother and Father. He will tell us about his struggle with why?

Why do we feel despair and feel ripped apart at times? “Sometimes, in the midst of all this, we are tempted to doubt God’s goodness or at least his goodness to us. We sometimes think we are receiving payback for our wrong deeds. We search for reasons – If God really love me and cares for me, than why is this happening? If He is good, then why doesn’t he step in and make things right? Why doesn’t he ride up on his white horse and fix everything?”

Then outside of ourselves we think why does God allow earthquakes and hurricanes to kill so many people. We begin to doubt God’s power.

Some will leave the faith all together. I know my own Father was left wth 6 children – many under age of 10. His wife had died from Breast Cancer. He was upset with God and the church and left them high and dry. He struggled to get his family together and drank for comfort and sought comfort in the wrong places. He finally did get his act back together and married my Mom. Lucky for me even though his family had to go through this tragic event – my sister and I were born just a few years later. Now I have 2 brothers and 6 sisters. Praise God for our big family.

This book will help us look at God and evil in perspective. I hope you will come along this journey of discovery.

John 16:33 -“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Amen.


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