Worship in Pain

Most Christians would agree that we worship God through our pain.  We sometimes might not feel like worshiping, but we continue to do so.  What do you trust in?  Whatever you trust in is what you will worship.

When our lives falls apart, many of us turn inward and trust only ourselves to make it through.  It is what we do to protect ourselves, but healing is found in worship.

Paul says – “We can rejoice … whne we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.”  Endurance develops strength in character and then builds into confidence and hope of salvation.  We need to learn to trust Him through the dark times.  He does lead us out of the valley of shallow of death and he will not leave us there. 

You may have to sit down and write a letter to God, just like Chris in the book wrote.  Write about your struggle and fustration.  Be honest with God.  He already knows how you feel – but you definitely will feel better afterwards.  You know that keeping it bottled up isn’t working.

When we are in pain – Anger, Denial or Bitterness continue to

worship Him and talk with Him.  Develop that close relationship with God – he is ready and waiting for you to follow Him.  He is always there for you.  Because life will be torn apart at times, but God never changes.


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