Life Interrupted


Many people have tragedy in their lives, but the Author shares a gripping story of a young man who has his life in front of him and tragically he suffers from pain and many surgeries. He finally makes the decision to have both his legs amputated. Which is the beginning of his new life. He then begins loving and believing in Jesus. Then he makes the commitment to change his life and become a Ironman. He reaches his goal and in the process reconnected with God.

Anyone who went through what this young man went through has all the right to be angry, but he realized that it was God who wanted him to do the unthinkable.

He wanted to change the world, He wanted God to use him and God did this extraordinary thing. He learned to love God.

Job is our example in the Bible – which is one of the oldest books. How someone can say the Bible is not relevant to us today – hasn’t read it. Job lost everything but continued to worship God. Being one of the oldest books of the bible, Job’s tells us that pain is ancient. Much more power in Bible then any help book.

Amen. As the author says “The Bible is a syringe of Adrenaline plunged straight into the heart.”


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