“Out of the WHIRLWIND”

This section is called “Out of the WHIRLWIND”

What we will come out of the other end of this situation. In the midst of bad times, we really never see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are struggling just to get through this day, this hour, this minute. But God is with us through the storms.

Job is talking with his friends, he has been wailing and debating his unhelpful friends and desperately waiting for God. As this storm comes upon them suddenly, “the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.” God came to Job personally and responded.

You see Job’s friends had this idea that God was punishing Job for being unrighteous. God did answer Job and not in judgement.
Then God says ‘brace yourself man’, God was basically telling him – Job to get ready. It was going to get heavy.

I encourage you to read the book of Job, because God will deliver two speeches to Job, with lots of questions, none of which Job can answer. God is showing Job he is greater than all of His works. Remember who you are talking too. God affirmed to Job that he was directing his deepest questions to the strongest source – God. God affirmed Job’s belief that he was good and all-powerful.

God is in the midst of our lives, closer then we think! Amen.


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