The Great Exchange

This is a great section to talk about this Easter weekend. It is about how Jesus exchanged places with us. He paid the price for our sins. The Bible promises that in that act of faith a great exchange happens in which the righteousness of Christ is transferred to our account. Trusting Christ doesn’t mean that all our problems will go away. But it does mean that Christ holds us through them.

If this weekend you were thinking there has to be a better life, there can be in Christ. It is not about going to church, it is about a relationship with him. You attend church to be with others that believe the same and can build each other up.

In this relationship, it makes us stronger with Christ holding us through whatever life throws at us.

I hope you find a Church where they teach the Bible and present Jesus to you as a relationship, where you can share everything with God and so much more.

Jesus Has Died for our Sins – Let’s rejoice, he also gives us the power of his resurrection if we trust in him.


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