Share the Struggle

Today – we will look at sharing the struggle.
“We live in a world this is processed, synthesized, faux, injected, artificial, dyed, enhanced, touched up, rumored, twisted, tainted and edited”
We live in this impostor cheese life. What is easy cheese, it taste pretty good, but when you look at the label it says – make with cheese, but 17 ingredient later you realize it isn’t cheese, but processed chemicals. Some things have been made easier by paying a few bucks for a bachelors degree, quick tan, change your eye color, Photoshop your pictures, the pressure is on us to be fake.
We cover up our pain too, we soothe our pain with food, drugs or alcohol, trying to medicate it away. We hide our pain behind a curtain, but we really need to share our life and have a honest community with others.
Stop sweeping dirt under the rug. “Try Jesus, and it will make it all easy.”

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