Fight for Joy

Chapter 8, Jud talks about depression. I have blogged on depression many times. It is a Big problem. Statistics show that it affects about 19 million Americans in any given year. Depression knows no ethnic, socio-economic, gender or national boundaries.
It can be triggers by outward events or circumstances. We act in our churches like we are to say it is fine and pretend and that will do. Sometimes wishing or trying to say it isn’t there is not a fine substitute. We make people paint on a smile and ask them to stuff emotions.
Personally I stuffed my emotions for years with food. I recently lost my sister, and I gained 10 lbs without even trying. I didn’t realize until she was gone, I was stuffing my feelings once again with food.
We have to pretend life is good when it isn’t – we cannot pretend any more. You have to admit your feelings and share them. We need to as Christians accept that we all have messy lives. We need to stand and support each other, not try to sweep them under the carpet.
As Jud and his wife, Lori realized. We have to choose to Joy and fight for it. We can do that by excepting our feelings and giving them to God.
Fight for Joy

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