The Wood and the Water

This week I am enjoying others blogs… I hope you enjoy as well

God is in your typewriter

There are days I long to write, but my hands are bare. God has bound them, because the idea has not yet formed itself, because I am incomplete, because the words are not in a state that can be read. This refinement process is often brutal, constricting… torturous. Sometimes I sit two, maybe three days begging for the idea to generate, feeling numb, needing to understand the words, His words. They are food to me. I hunger in His wilderness. I do no understand. I wrestle. I question. It becomes dark, but I know that He is there.

I have always identified with the crucifixion, but in that superficial way. Nail it to the cross, give it to Jesus. And even when I first became a Catholic, the large crucifix in the center of the church was just that, a crucifix. I couldn’t get beyond its superficiality made by…

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