An Invitation

A Good Invitation Fills us with Joy

There is a wonderful joy that comes from discovering something (or someone) for the first time.  There is also an immense joy that comes from rediscovering something (or someone).  Reminded of the times I was separated from my husband and found the time getting back together as a time of rediscovery.

The need to discover Jesus is not just for our sake, but for our children and their children too.  Really for sake of community and society and all of humanity.  Look around the world is in chaos.  It is crying for something, but maybe it is someone.  Jesus has been changing lives and creating miracles for over 2000 years.  Isn’t it about time you found him in your life and find what he can do in your life.

Jesus is asking – are you ready?

Point to Ponder:  It’s time to stop everything, pause a little and consider God’s invitation.

Verse to Live:  John 10:10

Question to consider and comment on:  What area of your life will benefit more rom accepting God’s invitation to rediscover Jesus?


Prayer:  Jesus, thank you for all the times you have invited me to rediscover you and your message.  Help me not to squander opportunities.






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