The God Claim

Lee Strobel was a former atheist, he began investigating the Biblical claims about Christ after his wife’s conversion. Prompted by the results of his investigation, he became a Christian. He was promoted to investigate the claims of the New Testament Resurrection and in his search, he found Jesus speaking directly to him.

We too can be inspired by God’s word and what the scriptures directly and indirectly tell us about Jesus. The prophet Daniel predicted Jesus and Jesus even said “I am the one Daniel spoke about…. I am the one you have been waiting for.

The Jewish people and religious leaders knew exactly what Jesus was claiming. They were expecting the Messiah, he just wasn’t what they wanted. He demonstrated his power over and over again in the Gospels.

Read these passages:
Jesus demonstrated control over nature – Matthew 8:26-27
Jesus claimed he was able to forgive sins. Matthew 9:1-7
Jesus claimed to be the Lord of the Sabbath – Mark 2:27-28
Jesus demonstrated he had power over death. John 11:1-44

Point to Ponder: Jesus is speaking directly to you in the Gospels.

Verse to Live: “I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life.
John 14:6

Questions to Consider or comment about: What’s holding you back from believing in Jesus completely?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I trust in you.


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