Getting to Know Jesus

God the Father wants us to know his Son.

Think about all the people in your life, where does Jesus fit in to that list.  Even the author says he sometimes realizes he knows more about people on the periphery of his life then he does Jesus.

So here is a exercise for us – Write everything you know about Jesus.  If you had to share with someone who didn’t know a thing about this Jesus.  What would the story be that you could tell.  His story and message are powerful, but if we take it for granted, it loses its power and we stop hearing it as a part of our story.

My notes of who Jesus is….   Jesus is the Son of God, he came to earth as a baby infant to bring redemption to his people, but they rejected him and so the message of redemption and forgiveness was given to even the Gentiles.  His message was to bring us to realize that if we believe in Him and follow his ways, we’ll be his co-heirs.  What a beautiful gift.  He loved us so much that he took on that human form and then died on the cross to suffer terrible death.  He did that freely and by doing so – we are free from our sins to serve Him.  Just like his Disciples we can have the same gift of the Holy Spirit and that gift carries with it the Mission of His Church.  Go and Make Disciples and teach them what the Master knows so they can do the same.

Are you a slave to the world or are you sharing the Gospel of Christ with this life-changing message?

Point to Ponder:  Jesus wants to have a deep, dynamic personal relationship with you.

Verse to Live:  “I am the Good Shepherd.”  John 10:11

Question to Consider and comment on:  How well do you really know Jesus?

Prayer:  Jesus, open my heart and my mind so that I can get to know you as you really are.

Jesus is God’s invitation to live an incredibly abundant and fulfilling life.






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