Jesus was a Radical

What vision do you have for your life? Well Jesus has a vision for your life. If you have time – read one of the Gospels from Chapter 1 to the end and tell me with fresh eyes – Jesus wasn’t radical. He had a way of turning the world’s ideas upside down.

Radical means getting to the root of things…. That was his focus to get down to the root of things and what was essential, center of the heart thing.

He wasn’t conformed to political correctness or burdened by the need to be liked. He was the Truth and he allowed the Truth to reign supreme. Yes Radical. The Truth is Radical.

The author says it is difficult to abide by the truth in our lives, but I think it can definitely be a challenge. When we have to choose to do the right thing it is usually because we have a deep relationship with Jesus and listen to his voice.
Jesus provides us the proper path and the way we can bring life into perspective. The true value of things. When we are selfish and think only of self, we lose touch with the Truth and Jesus isn’t involved in our day to day thought process. It is because we haven’t given him room to be there. When we let go of self, focus on him in the priorities of truth – that is radical and also scary. Because just as some rejected Jesus, people will reject us because we have taken it a bit far in their opinion.

Radical love is at the heart of the Gospels. This Radical Jesus and his teaching of radical love changed the entire world. Let him come into your life and get you to the heart of worshiping Him and his radical loving ways.


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