Day 9 – The Greatest Teacher Ever

Jesus teachings were simple, but that doesn’t make them easy.

You know the difference, Easy is getting a digital camera, whipping it out, and taking pictures with it randomly. No skill or investment is required – it’s really easy! Simple is learning how to take photographs so that the essence of what you’re trying to convey shines through with nothing else getting in the way.

So many theologians have taken the simple teachings of Jesus and made them complicated. Remember God gave Moses 10 commandments and by Jesus time, they had over 600 laws and commandments. Those laws were stifling to having a relationship with God.

My diabetes and diet is simple, but not easy to always execute. Factors that get involved in that are my body, carbohydrates and the amount of exercise I get. Like our relationship with God, we can follow the simple teachings of Jesus, but doesn’t always makes it easy, because again we are human and execution is hard.

As we ponder Jesus’ life and reflect on his words and action, he was getting to the root of every situation. He wants to transform our hearts. Thing is – I cannot make anyone discover Jesus, but once they find a relationship with Jesus, they will discover that he changes their hearts and minds and he is inviting them into relationship with him.

Point to Ponder: Jesus wants to teach you how to live an incredible life.

Verse to Live: Matthew 7:24

Question to Consider – Comment: Have you ever really considered Jesus to be your teacher?

Prayer: Jesus teach me to be a great student. (AMEN)


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