Forty Words

God sees things in us, we do not see. He sees the things we can become through the power of his spirit.

What is the greatest of the commandments? Jesus was asked. Remember there were over 600 laws during Jesus day. The Jewish people were utterly fixated on the law, so much they were losing sight of the central message.

Jesus cuts to the chase, summarizes the Gospel in 40 words. So if we want something to measure our lives by, we should look at these words.

We are invited to total love of God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Here is a major struggle for most Christians. Many are wrapped up in self loathing and worrying if they are good enough. This self-judgment is not productive. We are most often less likely to forgive ourselves when God has forgiven us. This self love is not one that is blind and boastful, more an acknowledgement that we are weak and need God in our lives.

Matthew 22:39 – these forty words Jesus gave a mini-Gospel.

Here is something I struggle with so often during my 58 years. If we give a gift without a healthy self-love. If we have expectations, when we give such a gift as a favor to us. So many times we are disappointed. So many times wanting to get the gift of love and acceptance in return.

The things not from God – are when we start doubting God’s love, that we don’t matter, that others are more important than us, that your thoughts or feelings are not valid. These things do not come from God. This is radical – Your ability to love yourself will directly impact your ability to love God and love your neighbor.


Point to Ponder: God wants to raise you up.

Verse to Live – Colossians 3:12

Question to Consider: Are you loving yourself the way God wants you to love yourself?

Prayer: Jesus, begin a revolution of love in my heart today. Teach me to love myself as you love me, so that I can love those who cross my path in a way that reminds them that
you changed the world. Amen


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