Do Not Judge

I wrote this article back in February on – great site if you want to check it out.

Now this article is about Justice, but part of justice is letting God be the Judge.
Wow, writing about justice is complex. So this is my take on justice. I always told my kids that life isn’t fair. It rains on the righteous and the unrighteous. So I am supposed to write to you about justice. Well justice is a moving goal post with human eyes, but God’s eyes it is totally a different concept.

Justice is often used interchangeably with the word “fairness.” In any situation, be it in a courtroom, at the workplace or in line at the local bar, we want to be treated fairly. We shouldn’t be judged more harshly because of our skin color, we shouldn’t be paid any less because of our sex, and we shouldn’t have to wait longer for a drink because of what we’re wearing. We feel we deserve equal and impartial treatment.

You see, we see justice as fairness… and if everyone doesn’t get a prize that isn’t fair. Yet when someone works really hard and wins – we don’t think they deserve a bigger prize!! Well God’s ideas aren’t so different. If you come to Jesus at the beginning of life and live your whole life for him and if you choose God at the final moment you receive the same prize. Hmm….. Seems unfair to most people that if I live my whole life serving God I should get a bigger prize but then God doesn’t see it that way.

God’s justice is about saving lives no matter when they get on-board. Because God loves everyone and wants no one to perish. We haven’t even began to talk about God’s judgment.

I once was on a jury and we were told to look at the evidence and the law. Young man on trial was guilty of being high on drugs and under the influence, but after reading the law, he was not possessing marijuana, yet everyone but me saw that he was guilty of possession because he was high. I was the lone person who said by the law he is not guilty of possession because he only had a tiny amount in his pocket and the law said it needed to be a higher quantity. I could not convince the other jurors, so in the end I changed my vote. He was definitely guilty of all other charges, but was justice served? I guess I’ll never know.
I am glad that in the end, God is the judge and not us. I don’t think we really want to be in that position. Just like the trial – we can be persuaded by other factors.
The good news is that in Christ we are washed by his Blood and are free from judgment. When that day comes, we will be told well done good and faithful servant, whether we have served Him for a lifetime or a short time. What a precious gift he gives. Freely and without payment – at least human payment. Jesus paid the price for all of us once and for always. Anytime we judge others we are crucifying him over and over again.

So to me, freedom in Christ means freedom of judging too. I know some people will say “that isn’t fair.” I say that is justice – God’s style, just as Jesus spoke to us in Matthew and many other Gospel accounts. For God’s justice is based on his love for humanity.

It simply is not our place to judge. To judge is a divine exclusive right. Remember the teachings of Christ are radical. Let it transform your thinking too.
Point to Ponder: Whenever you are tempted to judge someone turn your attention to seeing that person as a child of God.

Verse to Live: “Who are you to judge your neighbor? James 4:12

Question to comment on or consider: How will your key relationships improve if they are free from judgment?

Jesus make us aware before we fall into judging someone, give us the grace to top ourselves. Amen.


One thought on “Do Not Judge

  1. “God’s justice is about saving lives no matter when they get on-board. Because God loves everyone and wants no one to perish.” I really love this line, i think this is something that we as Christians should take on board a lot more than we do for the most part. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.


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