Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Growing up, I was obsessed with being thin and going in the Navy, I weighed 135 lbs, skin and bones for me. I am a big boned girl. I was bulimic and struggled to maintain that weight.

Today – I share my great-nieces success. She is a model for a top agency in Miami, Fl. She is 18 years old and she is comfortable in her own Skin.

I cannot even say that at almost 58 years.

If only we would have had role models like her when I was growing up. I definitely wouldn’t have starved myself or threw up my food.

Reagan – we are so very proud of you. You are a young Christian girl with faith in God and knowing you are doing something you love and can help other women understand.

It is like a beautiful transformation. God bless you and keep encouraging us all to be happy in our own skin. God created us. We should embrace that.


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