Dancing for Joy

God wants to teach you to dance. He wants to teach me too. I think lately I am scared that I have Alzheimer, I have been forgetting dates and messing up dates pretty good. I also forgot what my building number was at work. I think it is really stress, but I take myself way to seriously.

So I think I am either going to have to be committed or just slow down and rejoice in my faith. There is nothing like the joy that God wants to fill our hearts with. The author points out if 2 billion Christians on this planet even once worked together think of the enormous influence we would have.

The more we close the gap between the person we are today and the person God created us to be, the more we will experience joy. More we live through the Gospels,the more we will experience this joy.

Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart is good medicine”

Question to consider: Who or what is robbing you of joy? My self and taking my self way to seriously.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to dance for joy.


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