The Real Problem

It is easy to lay Christianity out in a logical and reasonable way. I have had so many people ask for a rule book, or even create their own rule book. Paul wrote about trying to live our lives like Jesus, “I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do? (Romans 7:19). This is the essential dilemma every Christian has to face.

What is the real reason the world is messed up? The real reason is “sin.” Sin is the real problem. The truth is sin, makes us unhappy. God never intended for us to suffer and die. He wanted for us to live in paradise forever. He wanted harmony between all of us, suffering and death are the direct result of sin.

Sin is missing the mark God intended us to make. The bull’s-eye, but we continue to miss it.

I use to work with a lady, who use to tell me – shake the devil off…Well she was pretty much saying what the author is saying. On days you are really struggling with sin, Pick yourself up dust yourself off and begin again. Amen

Ponder Sins makes you unhappy

Verse to live Psalm 51:12

What are your most frequent sin?

Lord have mercy on us and save us from our sins. Amen


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