Complete Joy

What is robbing you from Complete Joy. You and I both want it, we want a joy that is lasting and complete. I believe God wants to give us complete joy. Who or what is robbing us of joy? What’s standing in the way of that complete joy Jesus wants for us?

The next question is how hard are you willing to work for that joy? Are we all willing to sacrifice things to have that complete joy? Are we getting in the way of our own joy?

So many of us have tried short cuts, I know looking for love in all the wrong places, staying in bad marriages, drinking and partying hard to find joy. The truth is complete joy is found in the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel has a long track record and it has led many people to complete joy? So what do you have to do? I believe it is to embrace the Gospel. Little steps, and then bigger steps. Pay attention to the joy that increases in you. Pay attention to what really matters and what doesn’t. Pay attention to stress and anxiety.

The Gospel is an invitation to and a blueprint for the complete joy we all want.

Point to Ponder: Gratitude is a sure path to joy.

Question to Consider: What really brings you joy?

Jesus help us to get out of the way so you can fill us with complete joy.


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