What If?

Culture is something that is always attacking Christian values and questions everything we believe. It wants to put doubt in our mines. Even within some of our churches they teach that many things in the Bible are just illustrations. What if everything Jesus talks about in the Gospel is true?

What if we really do need to account for the life we have lived? Now I personally have no doubt that is is true. That they is heaven and hell, and joy in eternity with God.

God really wants us on the right side. God and life are always to be found in the now. Live each now passionately with God. God wants the best possible life for us.

We need to forget about yesterday, forget about all our yesterdays. We cannot change them, but we can live in the now and best serve God. The best way to live is one of life’s biggest questions, it is a question we must answer for ourselves.

For me and my life, I choose to go the radical Gospel of Jesus Christ way. They is still time – give yourself wholeheartedly to pursue a Gospel life.

Point to Ponder: The chances of it all being true are very high.

Verse to live by: Psalm 143:10

Question to consider: IF you were dying, would be paying more attention to your spiritual health when you are today? (We all are dying, just don’t know our appointed date yet).

Prayer: Father guide us, guide our words, thoughts and actions so we can live the best life and become the best version of ourselves. Amen.


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