People of Possibility

God wants to fill you with Hope so you can see the possibilities.

There is one type of person everyone loves having on their team at work: the person that makes things happen. These are the people of possibility. We Christians should be the ultimate people of possibilities. I think you often find just the opposite. We are often people of impossibility. Any Suggestion that something new or different needs to be done and they often will says: “not enough money, too many others things going on, it will not work, people won’t come, we tried that before”….

We need to have our churches be palaces of possibility. We need to stop the negative thoughts and salves to the world and not like children of God. Every Christian who embraces the teaching of Jesus sets off an astounding domino effect of love of God and neighbor. As we talked before 2 billion Christians on this planet. How would the world be different if we simply behaved as Christians! Imagine the possibilities.

It is time to refocus on the essential invitation that is found in the Gospels. It is an invitation to complete joy delivered by Jesus Christ. It is time to rediscover Jesus.

Point to Ponder: Open your heart, mind and soul to the possibilities

Verse to Live by: “For God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Questions to Consider: Have you ever tried to live Christianity wholeheartedly?

Prayer: Lord, help me to see the possibilities.


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